In order to maintain and improve the quality of the world’s leading industries in the sector by advanced technologies, State-of-the-art textile machines. In this respect, the international market through the domestic market and Export the ASİL BCF “the change from development ” continues to expand with the quality policy. For the most up-to-date technology and innovations in the ASIL BCF, followed by world standards is proud to serve.
Customers ‘ needs in the best way by observing the high quality yarns, competitive prices and the best service quality policy aiming to work on determination of ASIL BCF, continues.

In This Respect The Basic Principles;
• International standards-compliant production,
• Production and quality controls in every phase of peryodun, product after customer satisfaction .
• Product quality reach to the target on the other, should show continuity and continuity of faith and adopt our clients and suppliers, providing total quality consciousness of everyone to make time,
• As a result of our employees ‘ High motivation and successful will; continuously improve the quality with the participation of conscious.
• Understanding of the individual contributions of our employees with ongoing training to upgrade
• Emerging technology as a continuous quality followers and best user is to be the leading company.